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KINTON RAMEN actively seeks individuals who have the potential to be great partners. Our franchisees should have a passion for the service industry, a track record for success and meet our required personal financial qualifications.

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To start your journey toward owning a KINTON RAMEN, you should be prepared to make a total investment of $600,000 - $1 million with a cash equity investment of about $240,000 to $400,000, plus financing if required.

KINTON RAMEN can direct potential franchisees to sources that have provided financing options to other franchisees in the areas of Small Business Loan programs. For more information, please click here.

We would be happy to connect with you as well to discuss your options as we work with all chartered banks.

To express your interest, please submit your information through our EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM below.


By submitting interest through the EXPRESSION OF INTEREST form below, the potential franchisee have acknowledged that the information provided/will provide is accurate to the best of his/her knowledge. He/she understands that KINTON RAMEN’s acceptance of this report is not an assurance that he/she will be granted a Franchise and/or a particular market. By submitting this form, the potential franchisee authorizes all credit rating agencies, and the references named herein, to release KINTON RAMEN all information (including personal & financial information) known to them about him/her. By submitting this form, the potential franchisee authorizes KINTON RAMEN to maintain indefinitely this application and all information about him/her that it may receive. Potential franchisee fully understands and agree that if he/she misrepresent any information on this application it is grounds for termination, at KINTON RAMEN’s sole discretion, of any Franchise Agreements that may be entered into between KINTON RAMEN and himself/herself.

The potential franchisee acknowledges that the purposes for the collection of the information include (i) use of the information to assess the candidate’s suitability as a KINTON RAMEN franchisee or guarantor of a franchisee; (ii) transfer of certain of the information to a third party, such as an accountant or consumer reporting agency to conduct further due diligence; (iii) transfer of the information to a master franchisee or area developer for assessment; (iv) use of the information for statistical, modelling or other franchisee marketing purposes, if applicable; (v) administration of the franchise; (vi) sale or transfer of the franchisor and all or any portion of its assets; (vii) disclosure to future franchisees as required by law and otherwise restricted to non-sensitive personal information; and (viii) such other reasonable purposes as may be required from time to time. By submitting this form, he/she agrees to the above uses of personal information.


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For all other inquiries, please contact our corporate office at (647) 348-8788 or email

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