Kinton Ramen is an unique, yet authentic Japanese noodle soup experience that will give you a new perspective of noodle soup culture in town.
The secrets of our savory Ramen bowl are in its soup and noodle made from top selected ingredients with special techniques.

Kinton Ramen is our masterpiece of Japanese noodle bowl.
With this exceptional, unforgettable and scrumptious bowl that is not found anywhere else in town, you will be guaranteed to have a wonderful and addictive experience with us.



We are particular about our noodles. Using high quality flour and kneading the dough with a special air-tight mixing technique, we succeeded to create the best texture and flavor in the noodles that will highly complement our signature soup base.


What is significant about our sophisticated, rich and flavourful soup base is that we create an exquisite harmony with all the mix of pork bone stock, chicken stock, fish broth, vegetable broth and filtered water. The signature soup base is made by simmering a large amount of pork and chicken bones for over 20 hours and adding broth of selected quality bonito fish and fresh vegetables. This process creates exceptionally rich flavor: "Umami".


Our Kinton pork is another different experience. We only use the best quality Canadian pork, and simmer the meat with our special soup. Then, we marinate it with a unique sea-salt and soy mixed sauce. Before serving, we add caramelized flavor by browning with a kitchen torch before serving.


Good pork fat with rich collagen is believed to be beneficial to our health, by adding extra splash of high quality pork-back fat to it with a special technique ("Cha Cha"), we give the soup even more flavor and a bit of extra collagen. Good amount of collagen is effective in keeping beautiful skin and anti-aging. In fact, people from Okinawa islands in south part of Japan, who are known to have the healthiest and the longest lifespan in the world, have their secrets of living a long life in their diet which involves a lot of pork and pork fat oil.


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