KINTON RAMEN was the first authentic Japanese ramen bar to open in Toronto in May 2012. Focusing solely on ramen in the kitchen, executive chef Aki Urata is uncompromising in his pursuit to serve the best quality noodles and broth. Our experienced ramen chefs prepare each and every topping, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. At KINTON RAMEN we invite you to experience a variety of exceptional ramen bowls, right down to the last drop.


What is significant about our sophiscated, rich, and flavourful soup base is that we create an exquisite harmony, with all the mix of pork bone stock, chicken stock, fish broth, vegetable broth and filtered water.
The signature soup base is made by simmering a large amount of pork and chicken bones for over 20 hours and adding broth of selected quality bonito fish and fresh vegetables. This process creates exceptionally rich flavor: "Umami"



We are particular about our noodles. Using high quality flour and kneading the dough with a special air-tight mixing technique, we succeeded to create the best texture and flavor in the noodles that will highly complement our signature soup base.



Our Kinton pork is another different experience. We only use the best quality Canadian pork, and simmer the meat with our special soup. Then, we marinate it with a unique sea-salt and soy mixed sauce. Before serving, we add caramelized flavor by browning with a kitchen torch.



Seasoned with mineral rock salt and cooked sous vide with precise temperature, our chicken breast glistens with flavourful juices and is tender enough to cut with a butter knife. KINTON RAMEN’s chicken breasts will melt-in-your-mouth every single time.



Our vegetarian broth is made with a massive amount of vegetables - onion, carrots, ginger, garlic, and Napa cabbage - and seasoned with Japanese sake, Mirin sweet vinegar and mineral rock salt. The entire mixture is boiled, then simmered down and reduced until only a quarter of the original volume is left.