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Program Overview

At KINKA FAMILY, we have always wished to reward our loyal, dedicated and hardworking employees with restaurants of their own, regardless of financial constraints.

KINKA FAMILY’s Employee Franchise Program is a corporate initiative in which KINKA FAMILY will partner with our current and past employees to establish a partnership which will allow them to become the ‘owner’ of a KINTON RAMEN franchise location. 

The benefit of KINKA FAMILY’s Employee Franchise Program is that our company will be supporting our employee franchisees financially, and providing our guidance along the way. 

All KINTON RAMEN franchise locations will be treated like corporate stores. All resources available to corporate-owned stores will be available to employee-franchised stores, including KINKA FAMILY’s training programs, marketing expertise, corporate rates with vendors etc. Additional benefits include being a part of KINKA FAMILY’s corporate benefits programs, and sharing the same negotiation power with suppliers and vendors.


It is important that our employee-franchised stores maintain KINTON RAMEN’s brand image through a commitment to exceptional food quality and customer experience. 

KINTON RAMEN’S Employee Franchise Program is open to current and past KINKA FAMILY employees with 2+ years managerial experience, in a direct operational role as a General Manager or higher at a KINKA FAMILY RESTAURANT. 

KINKA FAMILY will hand-pick potential franchisees to ensure that all are qualified and fit for the role, with proven ability to successfully operate a restaurant with brand integrity and value attached. 


To enter KINTON RAMEN’S Employee Franchising Program, current or past employees will need to provide a down payment of $100,000.


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