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Why become a franchisee?

Gaining financial independence, performing rewarding work and building equity are just a few of the benefits of owning your own business. Owning a KINTON RAMEN gives franchisees the opportunity to be a part of a successful brand that focuses on a passion for serving delicious ramen, offering a great guest experience and ensuring profitability.

Fresh and quality ingredients

Our signature soup base is made by simmering quality pork and chicken bones and adding hand-selected bonito fish and fresh vegetables. This process creates an exceptionally sophisticated and rich flavour profile we call “umami.” We are particular about our noodles. Using high quality flour and special air-tight dough-kneading techniques, we create the best texture and flavour in our noodles that perfectly complement our signature soup bases. To top off our signature soup bases and high-quality noodles, we only use the freshest, locally sourced protein and vegetables.


Since 2012, we have grown not only in locations, but also in offerings. What started as pork-only ramen bowls at our first Toronto location, has evolved into not only pork, but also chicken, karaage and most recently an entire range of vegetarian ramen options. And we’re not done! As we grow, we are constantly serving up new menu offerings and seasonal specials are always in the works. In 2020, we launched timely specials like our Immune Booster Ramen, our Longevity Ramen special in honour of Lunar New Year and unique month-long exclusives like our All Day Breakfast Ramen!    


At KINTON RAMEN, we have implemented an exciting loyalty program known as ‘KINTON BOWLER’. Customers who finish their entire bowl of KINTON RAMEN are officially ‘KINTON BOWLERS’! For every KINTON RAMEN bowl that a customer devours down to the last drop, they receive a stamp. As KINTON BOWLERS collect stamps, they are awarded prizes ranging from a free order of Gyoza to KINTON RAMEN merch including towels, t-shirts and our signature bowl. The top KINTON BOWLER prize is a $1000 gift card, awarded to customers who finish 1000 KINTON RAMEN bowls down to the last drop!

View our KINTON BOWLER program here.


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